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E-shop Monsieur ZU accessible at the address -("web") is published by the company ZU IBERIA - simplified joint stock company - with a capital of €1000 registered in the Nanterre Mercantile Registry with the RCS number 913 303 574, whose registered office is at 17 Passage Antoine Riou - 92000 NANTERRE. Identified with the intra-community VAT number FR 40 913303574.

The director of the publication of the website is Mr. Christophe BOREILLO, President of LA CARCASSONNAISE DE LUNETTERIE.

Contact Monsieur ZU IBERIA: you can write to the following address: 17 Passage Antoine Riou, Nanterre 92000 (France), by email: +33 6 64 42 51 32

The website is hosted by Shopify Inc., 126 York St. Ottawa, ON K1N 5T5, Canada. Phone number: 1-888-746-7439.

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