Inspired by Le Corbusier's philosophy, Monsieur ZU created the "eyewear unit", a mono-product concept focused on proposing the optical solution for everyone.

Just as Le Corbusier did, we have tried to revive the artistic trend of "purism". Like him, we propose a return to the order of design, with pure, sober and effective lines.

Our design philosophy is based on four essential pillars: the quality and modernity of materials, comfort, touch and simplicity. We explore a new path in the optical industry creating dichotomies between the retro and the modern, the crowd and the unit, the perception we have of ourselves and of others.

We offer a unique and unisex model adapted to everyone and that, through the variety of colors and types of crystals, turn them into a unique and personal object.

Our passion for the sacred, the reality of modernity, this nostalgia that embraces us, converge to offer you a show in which its 21 grams will no longer be the weight of your soul but of your personality.

Monsieur Z.U.

Who is behind Monsieur ZU?

Self-taught, entrepreneur, art lover. This is how Christophe, the founder of Monsieur ZU, can be characterized.

His story began, more than twenty years ago, as a commercial agent for the renowned Japanese firm Matsuda. It continued for years as an independent distributor for high-end brands. From there he travels all over the world. Build a network. Share with opticians and perceive their requirements. Ideas arise... And they become reality!

Christophe imagined Monsieur ZU. A concept in your image: innovative, artistic and unique.

He created a model of unisex glasses (for men and women). Universal (without social barriers). As comfortable as beautiful. Modern and Retro at the same time. And above accessible at price level. Available as reading glasses, sunglasses (prescription or not) and screens. A magnificent tribute to Le Corbusier and his concept of unity (which always inspired him).

Christophe is all of this. And even more …

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